Fine Hand-Knitted and Hand-Finished Sweaters for Women.

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Looking for an elegant, unique sweater top for a broad range of occasions and almost any season.
Please go to our ” Shop “ at the Fresh Knit sweater collection where you
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  • high-quality, hand-knitted and hand-finished sweaters
  • a variety of materials and colors
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Private Label

If you have a boutique or specialty women’s apparel businss, your customer’s likely come to you for the unique fashions that only you can provide. Go here to learn how you can get private label hand-knitted and hand-finished sweaters in 75 days in quantities as small as 75 per SKU.

Per Your Specification

Fresh Knit has knitted to precise buyer specifications for over 18 years.

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Limited-Production Knitted Apparel from Asia's Knittnig Valley.